In 2014 the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) initiated the PRIME programme to support the international mobility of postdoctoral researchers by temporary positions at German universities in place of conventional stipends. With completing the programme’s pilot phase that was partially co-financed by the EU, DAAD has successfully established this funding instrument (“salaries instead of scholarships”) and continues the programme since 2019 with support from the national funding provider, the BMBF. Postdoctoral researchers of all nationalities and research areas, who see their long-term career perspectives in Germany, will be given the opportunity to combine temporary employment at a German university with a research stay abroad.

Funding is provided for a 12-months research stay abroad and a 6-months re-integration phase at a German University.
The German University employs the fellows and administrates the salary during the whole funding period.
Further information: www.daad.de/prime/en

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